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The Agenda 3 Step Hire Me Training Programme

Posted: 07th September 2017 in Company News

If you want to enhance your recruitment skills or to enable your organisation to make better hiring decisions, Agenda have the course for you. Our award winning three-step programme has been designed for busy HR and hiring managers, and can be taken as individual modules on as a full three-step programme.

Featured Blog Post

The best way of learning about anything is by doing – Richard Branson

Posted: 06th September 2017 in Company News

You can hear all about the benefits of pre-employment screening from others, but how do you know it will really benefit your business and recruitment process if you never take the steps to try it out?

Wigan bosses fined thousands!

Posted: 20th September 2017 in Security News

Agenda can carry out and advise on the correct checks to make sure you are not employing those without the right to work in the UK. We offer specific Right to Work checks and can also help with identity checking.

EEF Yorkshire & Humberside Annual Dinner

Posted: 14th September 2017 in Company News

The EEF Yorkshire & Humberside Annual Dinner was a very well attended event at the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield, with over 200 people representing over 140 companies.

Trust Me - I'm a Doctor - or am I?

Posted: 01st September 2017 in Security News

Employers have a responsibility to thoroughly check a doctor’s identity and qualifications when they are going through the recruitment process and there are numerous checks that need to be carried out.

Origami Skills

Posted: 25th August 2017 in Company News

This month’s Lunch and Learn we all gathered together to try our hand at making some paper masterpieces and have some fun at the same time. Jason from our screening team, as a parting gift, agreed to teach us a few techniques in order to sculpt a paper bird and a paper tulip.

We're Fundraising Again!

Posted: 07th August 2017 in Company News

We've been raising money for our Charity of the Year in the form of a BBQ and Dress Down day!

Lunch and Learn: Memorable Moments

Posted: 31st July 2017 in Company News

This month’s lunch and learn was entitled Memorable Moments and it was a real test of our communication, memory and teamwork skills. The overall aim was to build an exact replica of a structure made from marshmallows, spaghetti and string - sounds easy, right?

Agenda are Featured!

Posted: 26th July 2017 in Company News

Agenda Screening Services are featured in the July edition of 'The European Background Screening Newsletter'!

Are you ready to rethink what you do?

Posted: 18th July 2017 in Pre-employment Screening

When it comes being a successful business, it's all about consistency in your processes. So what if we were to tell you that you need to rethink what you do?