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British businesses fear cybercrime more than Brexit

Posted: 05th July 2017 in Security News

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According to recent research conducted by Barclaycard, SME’s are investing £2.9bn annually on their cyber security at an average of nearly £1,600 per business. This investment is due to businesses being a victim of a cybercrime or data breach. The research found that 44% of SMEs fear being the victim of a cybercrime of data breach, whilst only 34% are anxious and concerned about the impact of Brexit on their business.

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The Humber Business Resilience Forum was formed to ensure that businesses can access the most up to date expertise and information to protect themselves from security threats such as cybercrime and data breaches. This forum main aim is to make the Humber region a safer plan in which  to do businesses and for organisations can flourish, through educating businesses to prepare for, respond to and emerge from an attack. For more information on the Humber Business Resilience Forum visit