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Trust Me - I'm a Doctor - or am I?

Posted: 01st September 2017 in Security News

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The BBC programme ‘Trust Me’ features Ally a highly skilled, hardworking nurse who after losing her job for whistle blowing on poor patient care, assumes for best friend’s identity as a senior doctor to start a new life in Edinburgh.

Employers have a responsibility to thoroughly check a doctor’s identity and qualifications when they are going through the recruitment process and there are numerous checks that need to be carried out.

According to the General Medical Council (GMC) “employers have an obligation to check that all doctors they employ hold a license to practise with the appropriate type of GMC registration and that they are the person whose name is on the GMC register.”

There are a number of pre-employment checks which should be followed:  The NHS spells out 6 checks that must be carried out:

Identity Checks – usually a combination of identity documents such as a passport, driving license and proof of address from a bank statement

Professional history and reference check – standard to most jobs, the recruiters contact all employers from the last 3 years to confirm they have worked where they said

Right to work checks – this is to check that they are a British Citizen through their passport and if they are not from the UK, that they have the appropriate work visas.

Work health assessments – a check to determine whether they are fit and healthy enough to practice medicine

Criminal Record Check – now known as Disclosure and Barring Checks (DBS Checks), these are to check someone’s criminal background as a legal requirement if they work in healthcare or come into contact with children.

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