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Ubers failure due to insufficient checks

Posted: 28th September 2017 in Security News

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Any organisation, regardless of size, must consider the introduction of a relevant pre-employment screening procedure, backed up by a re-screening policy. Too many companies are suffering from irretrievable damage, both financially and reputationally due to the lack of care taken when employing new starters.

Simple and economic professional screening checks can be implemented, saving time for your HR staff and creating an auditable trail of high level due-diligence within your recruitment process.

Uber are the latest large casualty of overseeing this procedure, with 13,000 people now needing to find work and the company’s reputation seriously at risk, not to mention the huge financial implications.

Agenda partner with close to 400 companies nationwide and internationally providing relevant pre-employment screening and re-screening procedures. We welcome the opportunity to pass our expertise onto other forward thinking companies, helping to create a safer economy by giving all industries and its people a greater piece of mind.

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