4 In 5 UK Workers Confident In Their Leadership

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A new report from business software and services provider, Advanced, has revealed that 82 per cent of UK workers are confident in the leadership of their company to bounce back from a crisis.

This is according to Advanced fifth Annual Trends Survey for 2020-21, that asked over 1,000 senior business decision-makers to have their say on the technology trends and their impact on UK organisations, now and in the future.

The survey also revealed that 42 per cent of respondents believe that the most important attribute of a business leader is to show strong leadership in a crisis, and 41 per cent said it was to have a clear vision and strategy during economic uncertainty.

During the continuing coronavirus crisis and the impact it has had on businesses, leaders are now prioritising economic recovery so that their companies can stay afloat and minimise redundancies, while the rest of the workforce are looking to their leaders for reassurance and direction.

However, it is suggested that the focus on keeping afloat could be to the detriment of employee wellbeing. 25 per cent of respondents said that supporting the wellbeing of their employees is an important attribute for a business leader to have.

Given the effect of the pandemic on mental health, and the rise in the levels of loneliness, isolation, stress and depression, this is a sobering statistic.

The report from Advanced suggests that business leaders must do more to prioritise the wellbeing of their workforce and demonstrate they have a duty of care to their employees, despite having performed well to instil confidence across their workforce during the crisis.

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