5 easy steps to losing your business £20,000

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How NOT to employ your next candidate…

5 easy steps to losing your business £20,000

Step 1. 
Find a candidate to fill a job offer.

Step 2.
Do not thoroughly check the candidate’s paperwork, therefore you will not know about this person’s right to work within the UK.

Step 3. 
Offer this candidate a job without conducting a pre-employment screening, meaning that there is no chance of anything negative being flagged up about this candidate.

Step 4. 
Your business will be investigated by the Home Office.

Step 5.
Receive a fine for £20,000 per illegal worker who is found to be employed by your company.

Recently the Home Office has begun targeting larger firms to find businesses that are currently hiring illegal workers. Before now the main victims of illegal worker charges have been takeaways and restaurants, small firms, often run independently. However, there has been a recent steer towards targeting larger companies who have more to lose. Find out more about this here.

Agenda Screening Services can help to take some of the stress out of new hires for your company. The best way to avoid these huge losses to your business is to conduct pre-employment screening checks on your prospective candidates. This eliminates most of the chance of hiring anybody who may be detrimental to your company and cause the loss of a significant amount of profit.

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