A brand is what a business does, reputation is what people remember – Ted Rubin

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Think about this… how many times have you visited a company review page online, and seen glowing reviews? Now, how many times have you visited a company review page and seen bad reviews? Which do you take more interest in?

The bad sticks in people’s mind way more than the good unfortunately, so it’s on you to make sure your customers are getting the best possible experience so that they have no choice but to post that glowing review that you want!

Screening staff members can be a key early indicator as to whether or not people are right for the job.

It can highlight good people skills, good communication skills, and good work ethic through References. It can bring to light any possible issues with Criminal Records. It can provide a character profile on the possible staff member, and most importantly of all, it can help you decide if the person in question is right for your organisation and if they will live your company values.

Agenda’s core values are Respect, Reputation and Responsibility. Contact the Screening Team today on 08456 44 55 46 to find out more about the services we can offer.