Agenda Leads The Way!

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Agenda Screening Services are proud to announce that they are the first organisation to successfully connect to Her Majesty’s Passport Office as part of the Government’s Document Checking Service (DCS) pilot.

After a successful system demonstration and subsequent deployment Agenda’s experienced desktop researchers can confirm a British passport record within seconds, directly with HM Passport Office.

Agenda’s Director of Screening Operations, Carl Butler, has praised the work of all involved;

‘Since the initial meetings in August 2019, Agenda’s team have worked closely with representatives of the Government Digital Service, Digital Cabinet Office and Digital Identity teams to contract and realise this innovative pilot. Working through the challenges of implementing tough encryption protocols, to protect personal data at every stage of the process, the teams on all sides worked effectively to enable validation of passport information and thus reduce the time it takes to onboard new employees, as part of our pre-employment screening service to our many clients.’

The pilot runs until the 31st July 2021 and further information can be found here:

In addition to this, a blog from about the project can be found here.

Or read the transcript of a speech by Matt Warman, Minister for Digital Infrastructure at the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) here, an excerpt of the speech is below;

Six pioneering companies have been onboarded and are either preparing to connect to the Document Checking Service via this pilot or are now offering a live service; and more will be joining shortly.

This is an important step in testing industry demand for these kinds of services. It also shows how the government can work with industry to ensure that privacy is central to policy development and delivery, and ensure trusted identity verification.

This work marks the beginning of progress to ensure that digital identities are as inclusive as possible. We would like to take this work further by enabling digital identity checks to take place against a range of datasets.