Are you Screening Employees Fairly? Screening Industry News

Pre- employment screening is now seen as a crucial part of the recruitment process; who are you hiring? Do they have the right qualifications for the job? Are they legal to work? Are just some of the questions a thorough screening process can help answer. However, it can take several weeks to not only find a candidate, but to put them through background checking as well, which makes finding a job/hiring a lengthy process!

Melanie Pearl, Employment Advisor at Work Avenue and Career Coach has recently explored how to avoid issues with Background Checking.

  • Make sure staff are fully trained to do the checks! Checking a Passport or other legal documents is no good if staff don’t know what they are looking for.
  • Don’t discriminate. People have a past; and criminal record checks can highlight this. Make sure to pay attention to detail and review the disclosure, is it relevant to the job role in question?
  • Be open and honest with candidates about the screening process to put their minds at rest from the start. It can, and will be daunting for a lot of people. Employers should be open with candidates and talk them through step by step.
  • Think about what is relevant to you as an employer. If a candidate has a career gap that they cannot verify with documentation, and the only possible way is through a reference from a family member, does this offer any value to you?
  • Only request the checks that you need. Certain processes, like DBS checks, are only relevant for specific job roles. It’s a good idea to have different screening levels set out for varying job roles to make the process smoother for both employees and employers!

Agenda Screening ServicesTM  offer a range of background checks and screenings, including interim options and bespoke levels to help you make an employment decision quickly, effectively and fairly.

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