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Whatever the size of your company and the industry you are based in, conducting background checks on your employees is something that is very important. Employing the wrong person within your business can be severely detrimental to your business’ reputation, as well as holding the possibility that this could have huge financial consequences to your business.

Bespoke screening tailored to your needs

There are lots of different checks that you can conduct on your prospective employees and at Agenda Screening Services we can put together a bespoke package for you.

Below we have provided some examples of checks that we have available and can conduct for your business as well as some specific examples of industries where these checks would be relevant.

Right to Work Checks
Employers must prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out document checks on people before employing them to make sure they are allowed to work within the UK. These checks are greatly important and have been highly publicised in the media recently. Employers have a legal duty to prevent illegal workers within the UK as fines for non-compliance can exceed £20,000.

Identity Verification
Checks must be conducted to ensure that the person you are employing is who they say they are. Is this person a risk to your work force? Research shows that there is an ever increasing level of discrepancies on candidates’ CVs. People applying for jobs are getting more and more stretched with the truths – sometimes in order to make them appear more appropriate for a job – but these lies can also be more serious and cause a lot of damage to a company’s reputation. Other checks are undertaken to highlight a candidate’s personality and professional background such as Internet Mining (OSINT) and Media Searches, these help to provide an all-round picture of the applicant.

Criminal Record Checks 
Agenda Screening Services is an Umbrella Body for the DBS – formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). We provide DBS criminal checks electronically through our secure candidate input system. There are five types of criminal record checks that Agenda provide, which can be selected dependant on your company’s requirements. There are specific job roles and industries that require a higher level of DBS check, for example teaching and working in care homes – places where you would expect to come into contact with vulnerable people on a regular basis.

Employment Verification
This means that you are able to disclose anything on a person’s CV that may be untrue. Is this person skilled to the level that meets the job requirements? This means that you can ensure the integrity of a person and be convinced that they will do a good job in the position you are hiring for.

Qualification Checks 
Fake and misquoted qualifications can do more damage than the candidate simply being unable to do a job – an employee being unqualified for a job can cause a significant amount of damage to your business’ reputation and can cause a loss of respect for your company.

Credit, Electoral and Address History
Financial Checks can be carried out on candidates if requested, these can provide a full credit background check which allows you to check a candidates’ reliability when it comes to accessing and handling money.

There are many other checks that can be carried out and as a business we aim to put together a specific screening package that is relevant for your company’s needs. Agenda are market leaders in pre-employment screening services, therefore contact our team today on 08456 44 55 45 or by email to ensure that you are conducting the right checks on your future employees.