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Securing websites with certificates

Posted: 13th September 2018 in Company News

What is the difference between a standard website certificate and an EV website certificate?

Featured Blog Post

Trust is the New Competitive Advantage

Posted: 22nd August 2018 in Company News

We are living in an era defined and shaped by data. Business, politics, health, culture, and investment is affected by this growing tsunami of data. With near daily news stories of data miss use, hacking exploits and regulatory changes, is building trust the new battle ground for business? The event at C4Di will cover developing trust as the new competitive advantage. The future of trust using AI and the ever-evolving world of bitcoin and trusting the blockchain.

An overview of BS7858 Security Screening.

Posted: 23rd August 2018 in Background Checks

This British Standard gives recommendations for the security screening of individuals to be employed in an environment where the security and/or safety of people, goods and services, personal data or property is a requirement of the employing organisation’s operations and/or where such security screening is in the public and/or corporate interest.

Why screen as part of your onboarding process?

Posted: 21st August 2018 in Background Checks

Detection of thieves, fraudsters, illegal workers, terrorists and other individuals that do not have your best interest at heart is a major concern these days.

More Career Pathway Promotions at Agenda!

Posted: 21st August 2018 in Company News

As Agenda’s screening operation continues to attract more companies to our way of working and quality of service, we have been able to provide more development opportunities for our experienced people...

What is an OSINT check?

Posted: 13th August 2018 in Background Checks

An OSINT check is an open source intelligence check and can also be referred to as an internet/web mining check. It is used as part of a background screening check and looks at a candidate’s online activity.

Hire Me... what could possibly go wrong?

Posted: 09th August 2018 in Background Checks

If you want to enhance your recruitment skills or to enable your organisation to make better hiring decisions, Agenda have the course for you.

Career Pathway Progress

Posted: 20th July 2018 in Company News

The Screening Department here at Agenda recently saw some more members of staff progress on the Career Pathway...

Agenda are regional winners in the National Family Business Awards!

Posted: 19th July 2018 in Company News

Agenda recently found out that we won the regional award for “Best Business to Work for” at the National Family Business Awards!

Leadership is on the Agenda

Posted: 17th July 2018 in Company News

Our other participant in the Agenda Staff Challenge is Mat who he is aiming to put leadership on our agenda for the future! In keeping with Agenda’s commitment to making our business a great place to work, Mat’s programme is an exciting concept for the development of our employees...