Recruitment Fraud costing businesses £23 billion!

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Crowe UK has recently published the Real Cost of Recruitment Fraud report in conjunction with University of Portsmouth. The report established that the annual cost of recruitment fraud to UK businesses is a whopping £23.9 billion!

The statistics don’t lie – around 5,000 CV checks were carried out, out of which more than 75% contained discrepancies, 20% used inflated job titles and 12% falsified academic grades. 

“Recruitment fraud is a serious problem for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Initial representation or misleading information presented on a CV is often seen as little more than a ‘white lie’ but it can and does lead to bigger financial and reputational costs down the line,”

Jim Gee, National Head of Forensic Services at Crowe UK

To read further into the report’s findings, click here.

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