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Agenda attends the Inaugural Yorkshire and Humber Cyber Protect Business Conference

Posted: 02nd March 2017 in Company News

On February 28th, Agenda Screening Services attended the recent Inaugural Yorkshire and Humber Cyber Protect Business Conference in Leeds.  Organised by the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit, this event was well attended.

The aim of the conference was to raise cyber awareness built around the 10 steps to cyber security, provide an environment and opportunity for professionals to network and share experiences and solutions, connect industry, academia and law enforcement collaborating to drive innovation and creativity to find effective methods to protect businesses and pursue cyber criminals and to promote the CISP network and membership.

The audience was made up of a small, medium enterprises from around Yorkshire and Humber region, law enforcement, police partners and industry and academic partners.

With cybercrime being an ever-increasing threat to the UK public, businesses and government, the event was excellent for increasing awareness or cybercrime, its threat and how to protect businesses in the Yorkshire region from potential crimes.

As members and founding partners of the Humber Business Resilience Forum (HBRF) this event was excellent for educating delegates in the importance for being savvy when it comes to cybercrime.

About the Humber Business Resilience Forum

The Humber Business Resilience Forum aims to ensure that businesses can access the most up to date expertise and information to protect themselves from security threats. The forum will create a secure Humber region in which business and other organisations can flourish. To find out more about the forum and to become a member visit