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Agenda's Triple Audit Success!

Posted: 19th December 2018 in Company News

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On December 19th Agenda welcomed auditors to our head Office to conduct a review of our compliance to ISO standards within the business. During which we are pleased to announce that we passed our surveillance audit for ISO27001 Information Security, ISO9001 Quality management and 14001 Environmental management.

“Passing the audits is an important part of our internal assurance, but more importantly lets our clients know that we are following international recognised standards and best practice” Chris Withers Head of IT and Compliance at Agenda

Our commitment to these ISOs shows that Agenda have invested in the externally audited certifications to provide reassurance, not only to ourselves as a company, who by having processes to follow means we are striving for the best. But also, to clients and potential clients that we have robust and compliant processes in place. These audits mean we are continually improving and seeking ways to develop the quality of the services that we provide.

Well done to everyone involved in todays audit and keep up the good work.