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News archive for June 2014

Are you up-to-date with the changes to the Right to Work in the UK requirements??

Posted: 29th June 2014 in Security News

Agenda highlights the key changes

Reducing Security Threats Posed by Contract Workers and Temps

Posted: 13th June 2014 in Security News

Employing illegal immigrants can be costly

Posted: 12th June 2014 in Security News

There is no doubt that legal immigrants add a great deal to the UK economy, but with £20,000 fines for employing illegal immigrants the risks are greater than ever.

55% Have experienced an insider security breach

Posted: 09th June 2014 in Security News

A recent article from Help Net Security shows that 55 percent of IT Security Executives have discovered a current employee or insider taking information.

How Secure is Your PC? - National Crime Agency Warns of Threat!

Posted: 05th June 2014 in Security News

ECS - The Home Office Publishes Two New Orders to Combat Illegal Workers in the UK

Posted: 03rd June 2014 in Security News

The Employer Checking Service is a very important issue when it comes to illegal workers in the UK, and Agenda Security Services have always placed it as a high priority when it comes to our screening services.