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News archive for June 2017

GDPR ... It's coming and BREXIT won't stop it!

Posted: 30th June 2017 in Security News

We all know the Data Protection Act and think that the GDPR is not going to be that different, some people think that it is just some bureaucrats in Brussels tinkering around and trying justify their salary.

Another fundraising success for Agenda!

Posted: 21st June 2017 in Company News

The fundraising for Yorkshire Air Ambulance continues at Agenda, and today saw one of our biggest fundraising sessions yet!

Changes to Data Protection are coming – are you ready?

Posted: 16th June 2017 in Company News

GDPR will affect every business of every size in less than 12 months’ time - are you ready?

Biz Week Success!

Posted: 13th June 2017 in Company News

Last week saw a hive of activity enter Hull and the surrounding area as it played host to Humber Business Week, an event that draws in people and local businesses from all around to provide talks, seminars and lectures on important information.

Agenda is a Great Place to Work!

Posted: 06th June 2017 in Company News

At Agenda we recently provided staff with the option to complete our annual Great Place to Work survey that asks staff to answer questions based on how they think we are performing as a business. Following our 2016 survey, where 79% of staff agree that Agenda was a great place to work, we targeted 85% in 2017.

Biz Week Opening Success!

Posted: 06th June 2017 in Company News

Norman and Matt attended the traditional opening of the Humber Business Week with over 400 other delegates at the Bondholders event held at the excellent Middleton Hall Theatre at the University of Hull.

GDPR – 4 little letters but falling foul of it could cost you 4% of your turnover

Posted: 02nd June 2017 in Company News

Congratulations to Chris Withers, Agenda Screening Services Head of IT and Compliance, he now a certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner (GDPR) after successfully attending his five-day programme and passing the stringent examinations.

Agenda Supports Humber BizWeek - Chance to Win!

Posted: 01st June 2017 in Company News

Agenda Screening Services are proud to be supporting the 2017 Humber Business Week and are offering visitors to the event a chance to win a “Hire Me” training course for their business.