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News archive for March 2016

Cyber Crime will be one of the most significant debates for the next decade

Posted: 23rd March 2016 in Security News

Agenda were recently represented in the high-calibre Cyber Crime panel discussing online dangers facing business in today’s economic environment.

Ex-employee leaks six years' worth of Ofcom's sensitive data

Posted: 11th March 2016 in Company News

The image of someone stealing your data is often thought of as being a faceless intruder from external threats such as malware or a phishing attack.

Cyber Crime – The UK’s fastest-growing form of economic infraction

Posted: 11th March 2016 in Security News

With Cyber Crime on the rise, corporate security and resilience has never been more of a priority. The question of when and not if, is a question all security experts should be asking, planning and preparing a worst-case scenario so when it does occur, no one is left clueless as to how to protect and recover. This type of statement may shock many, but a recent Global Economic Crime Survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that 60% of economic crime in the UK was committed by external perpetrators (up from 56% in 2014).

New appointment at Agenda

Posted: 04th March 2016 in Company News

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Wayne Miller as Business Development Executive for Agenda Screening Services in London and the South.

Agenda Participates in Cyber Event Success

Posted: 04th March 2016 in Company News

On 4th March 2016, the Chamber of Commerce held a busy event cyber-crime discussion event that was preceded by speed networking for local businesses and the annual general meeting where Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove spoke about Cyber Crime and other Policing matters setting up the meeting nicely for the panel discussion.

Businesses urged to increase 'defences' after surge in cyber crime

Posted: 04th March 2016 in Company News

EAST Yorkshire businesses are being urged to raise their defences as new figures reveal a double-digit rise in economic crime against corporates.