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Board Level Information Security Event Success

Posted: 27th April 2018 in Company News

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Today, Agenda Screening Services supported the Board Level Responsibility event ran by the Humber Business Resilience Forum (HBRF) on Cyber and Information Security. This event had a great response to the board level information security event in Hull run by the Humber Business Resilience Forum and the IOD and kindly hosted by Rollits.

Norman Mortell, Managing Director for Agenda spoke on what Directors need to do to develop a coherent cyber and information security strategy, what they need to do including planning, implementation and scope.

From left to right, Gordon Meldrum (HBRF Chair), Speakers - Blair Jacobs, Norman Mortell, Ralph Gilbert and Pat Coyle (IOD Chair).

This thought provoking event focused on how directors must take the lead and responsibility for information security within their organisation, it was clear that it is not just an IT issue but a wider ranging leadership, strategic and hearts and minds issue to develop a security aware culture that protects the organisations assets whilst also ensuring that the directors are taking care of their regulatory and legal responsibilities. 

The event was extremely well received with positive feedback from the delegates who were engaged and interested throughout.

Click here to find out more about the HBRF.