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Cyber Simulation Event

Posted: 21st November 2018 in Company News

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In November Chris, Agenda's Head of IT and Compliance, and Norman, our Managing Director, attended an evening event ran at Barclays and kindly provided for free by Price Waterhouse Cooper (they usually charge thousands of pounds to run these kinds of events) to pit two teams against each other in a realistic cyber simulation.  One team played the bad guys and tried to hack, socially engineer and access company data and systems and the other team tried to prevent it by hiring specialists, putting in detection and prevention systems and so on.

There was a limited time to make each choice, there were consequences (good and bad) and a "swing-ometer" showed whether the tide was turning with or against you after each decision was made.  A real time news feed gave us clues as to what the other team were doing.  The game was engaging and fun but had a serious message about how much effort it takes to ensure that everybody working in a company understands the risks and that there is board level support for cyber prevention strategies (and budgets).

The team Chris and Norman were on won one simulation but lost the other two, one of the of the losses we suspected was because of overzealous clicking of cards before we had chance to assess the best options - that's what pressure and limited time does in real life and so it was good overall exercise on what to do and more importantly what not to do.  The other loss was a nation state attack which is notoriously hard to prevent and still gives Chris nightmares.

Overall an excellent and educational evening!