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Emergency Services Boss with fake qualifications

Posted: 13th March 2018 in Security News

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Ambulance trust boss accused of faking qualifications to teach paramedics how to drive at speed on 999 calls. Simon Macartney, 46, allegedly said he was an advanced instructor and traffic cop but had been a special constable. Guildford crown court heard how he created a web of lies within the South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Prosecutor Stephen Requena said: “He even placed letters after his name he was not entitled to and often referred to his experience as a full-time traffic policeman.

The jury heard that he also claimed he achieved a Class One national police driving instructor award in 2006 whilst at Thames Valley Police. But Mr Requena said would it would have been impossible as the qualification had been dropped six years prior.

“He was still in training for a standard police driver at it would be impossible to do two courses at the same time, even if a class one or similar course existed.”

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