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ISO9001: Another Successful Audit!

Posted: 18th July 2009 in Security News

Agenda is pleased to announce that it has just passed the latest 6 monthly audit by ISO9001, this accreditation is fundamental to the quality management processes and underpins our commitment to continually improving customer service and adding value.

This full day audit by two inspectors took place on Tuesday 30 th June 2009 covered all aspects of the business and the Agenda quality compliance officer Katrina was delighted and said "I am always nervous before inspections but once again we have shown our commitment to ISO9001 by not only proving that we have a quality operation but also that we have enshrined the principles into our day to day work", Katrina went on to say "having top management support, "quality" on all meeting agenda's and dedicated groups such as our quality forum and customer satisfaction working group shows that we are never content with today's achievements, we may have passed this latest audit but we are already working on new and exciting ways to improve the way that we do things".