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Why screen as part of your onboarding process?

Posted: 12th October 2018 in Company News

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Whatever the size of your company, onboarding new employees is a key component and hiring the wrong person can damage your reputation, affect your business and have financial consequences.

What will it mean to your business?

  • Right to work checks  - Employees have a legal duty to prevent illegal workers in the UK. Fines for non-compliance can exceed £20,000.
  • Identity verification  -  Is the person you are employing a risk to your current work force? Research shows ever increasing levels of CV discrepancies.
  • Criminal record checks - Reduction of petty theft and fraud.
  • Employment verification -Is the person skilled to perform the job? - Integrity of person assured.
  • Qualification checks -Fake and misquoted qualifications can damage your reputation.

Why outsource your screening to Agenda?

  • Enables busy HR teams to concentrate on other core priorities
  • Improves efficiency and speeds up on-boarding process, reducing the cost to your business
  • Ensures regulation compliance and we keep you up to date with any changes required
  • Protection of your reputation and brand, creating a safer

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