Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation searches should be an essential part of any background check. Unlike a criminal records check, which only provides information about an applicant's criminal convictions, a Civil Litigation search provides information concerning Civil Legal Actions, Debt Relief Orders (DROs and DRRUs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Fast-Track Voluntary Arrangements (FTVAs), Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders or Undertakings (BROs/BRUs), Interim Bankruptcy Restrctions Orders (iBROs) and Interim Dept Relief Restrictions Orders (iDRROs).

We access a number of databases that hold UK and Republic of Ireland court cases and can include information such as:

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employment Discrimination


Debt Relief Orders

Property Disputes

Contract Disputes

There are two different types of Civil Litigation or lawsuits that can be filed against a person, organisation or corporation. Small claims are normally held in a local court involving smaller amounts of money or “damages” against the plaintiff. The second type of Civil Litigation can involve greater claims.

The results can be an indicator into character, motivation and suitability for a role. For example, has the individual made:

Multiple Personal Injury Claims

Multiple Compensation Claims Against Previous Employers

Glossary of Terms:

Discharged:Bankruptcy was allowed, and the debt discharged.

Dismissed:Petitioner did not meet the requirements to complete the bankruptcy process under the chapter.

Tort:Type of civil case including negligence cases as well as international wrongs which result in harm.

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