Construction & Facilities Management

Agenda works in partnership with the UK’s biggest construction and facilities management companies.

We understand the diverse nature of projects you will be involved in. From small-scale jobs to major infrastructure projects we can work alongside you to deliver the most effective pre-employment background checking process for your organisation.

Recommended Checks: Include

Identity Confirmation

Reference Checks

Credit Enquiries

Right to Work Verification

Employment & Activity Verifications

The construction and facilities management industry relies on a dedicated, well trained and reliable workforce and robust pre-employment checks are an important part of delivering a great service.

Benefits: Include

Reduce staff turnover and employment costs

Avoid fines for example employing illegal workers

Demonstrate your duty of care to current staff

Reduction of theft and fraud

Reduce infiltration risks (terrorists/activists)

Safeguard organisational image and brand

Speak to an advisor

Our team of pre-employment screening specialists are available between the hours of 08:00 - 17:30