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CV Checking at Agenda

With around a third of jobseekers embellishing qualifications to land their dream job, it is so important for your screening process to include CV checks and verification.

Screening the CVs of potential employees can be a time consuming and expensive process which has become a lot quicker, easier and cost effective. Agenda Screening Services, specialists in Pre-employment Screening and background checks and an umbrella body of the Disclosure and Barring Service enables you to make informed recruitment decisions by:

  • Verifying the educational, career and personal facts provided by the candidate
  • Thoroughly checked criminal and credit histories

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CV Verification from Agenda is:

  • Highly affordable for businesses of all sizes, from all industries
  • Quick and deliver real time results
  • Stress free
  • Secure throughout
  • Fully compliant with ISO27001 and the Data Protection Act

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