Data Protection Consultancy Services

Handling personal data is our business. As a result, we are exceptionally well versed on the ‘ins and outs’ of the GDPR regulation and the data protection Act 2018.

As experts in data protection, we can help your business to comply with data protection legislation.

Why Choose: Agenda?

 Get clarity on what GDPR and the DPA means for your organisation

Understand how your policies and procedures are affected

 Be secure in the knowledge that you are fully compliant

Train your teams to be confident in data protection

Why: Screening?

GDPR training to suit your needs

Our GDPR compliance specialists can work with you remotely or visit your premises to train key members of staff or team.

You can trust Agenda’s advice. Without a full grasp of the application of GDPR rules, our business would not be able to operate. We are ahead of the game and our Data Protection consultancy services are designed to pass on our practical and reliable knowledge on to you.

Gain a full understanding of why GDPR matters

The sheer volume of information and how this data is processed has changed immensely over the last decade Understanding Data Protection enables you to protect people’s personal information by using data ethically, securely and transparently, while remaining complaint to Data Protection legislation.

Save time and money

Leave the complexity to Agenda. We’ll explain GDPR in a language you can understand, and you will quickly learn about the rules that are relevant to your business practices and how to incorporate them.

Speak to an advisor

Our team of pre-employment screening specialists are available between the hours of 08:00 - 17:30