Doctor Struck Off After Lying About Previous Employment Screening Industry News

A doctor has been penalised for failing to reveal information about his previous employment, during which “serious failures” had been identified.

Mohammad Marash Saleemi has been struck off the register after being hired by Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham, Kent Online reported.

He had been recruited after passing an interview, and failing to disclose information about his previous post at the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust. Instead, he claimed it was his first medical job in Britain after qualifying as a doctor in Romania in 2014.

He even lied in a statement, saying he was not in employment between March and November 2017, despite working in London at the time. During this period, he failed a pharmacy exam twice and senior staff noted his “lack of progress in safe prescribing and failure to meet the level of clinical knowledge”.

While the NHS claims it has “robust pre-employment checks”, failing to note down his previous job meant hospital bosses were not able to get appropriate references.

Medway NHS Trust executive director for human resources and organisational development Leon Hinton told the news provider: “At the time of our pre-employment check with the GMC [General Medical Council], there were no concerns registered on Mr Saleemi’s record.”

Once they learned that he had been referred to the GMC, the hospital began an investigation and issued an immediate dismissal, meaning he was only an employee at the hospital for seven days.

Chairman of the GMC Linda Lee added Mr Saleemi’s poor medical knowledge and practice, together with his deceit about his previous employment, “had the potential to put patients at unwarranted risk of harm”.

Therefore, she concluded: “Erasure [of his medical record] is the only proportionate sanction to promote and maintain public confidence in the medical profession.”

Indeed, a recent survey by People Management found failing to conduct appropriate employment screenings could damage the company brand for 73 per cent of people.

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