Don’t Fear Your New Hires Screening Industry News

Taking on a new employee for your business can be a daunting task. Hiring the wrong person can cause all sorts of problems for your business – leading to you having a rather spoooooky time this halloween. Background Screening helps employers make safer and more informed recruitment decisions, and many organisations now have some form of background checking in place when hiring new staff members. Here are some of the ways in which you can rely on background checks to take away a bit of fear when it comes to your new employees.

1. Business Safety

The threat of employing the wrong person within your business can be very extreme, as an experienced company who are skilled in conducting pre-employment screening we can make informed decisions with regards to each candidate as to whether they are a threat to your workplace and/or your existing employees. Using an external company for this process means that you are protected from any illegal worker threats. Screening a prospective employee can give an indication of honesty and trustworthiness which can be gathered through reference checks (both personal and professional), and conducting CV Analysis.

2. Cost

According to a report made by the Oxford Economics in 2014 the full cost of replacing a staff member is £30,614. When you take into account the time spent interviewing, the advertising costs, as well as the amount of training it takes to get the new staff up to full working capacity, it is clear to see why the total is so high. Can you really afford to employ the wrong person and have to repeat the process?

3. HR Time/ Staff Resource

The system can communicate with and update your own systems in real-time. With customised reporting options built in, all key screening and DBS milestones can be monitored and reported, allowing you to make hiring decisions with confidence. This system helps to save your HR department time, which also relates back to saving your company money.

4. Quality of hires

Employers that pre-employment screen as a part of their recruitment process gain a number of important benefits. One of those benefits is a general improvement in the quality of applicants which ultimately leads to better workers, higher productivity, increased quality, which in turn creates a lower level of employee turnover. Telling candidates of your intention to submit them for a pre-employment background check will discourage some candidates from applying, meaning that the quality of hire you will receive will be must higher.

5. Reputation

Conducting background screening checks on your company can help to boost your company’s reputation within your industry. Screening your prospective employees means that you look much more legitimate as a company as you are employing the highest calibre of person, which in turn may help to encourage prospective clients to work with your business.

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