Education, Childcare & Healthcare

Education and Healthcare professionals work directly with vulnerable persons, many of whom are children or elderly, thorough background checks are a necessity.

Agenda will work with you to assess the risks for the role and help you to develop a screening package that is suitable for the roles that you are recruiting for.

Recommended Checks: Include

Criminal Record Checks

Reference Checks

Employment & Activity Verifications

Right to Work Verification

Credit Enquiries

Education & Credential Verification

Criminal Record Checks: Enhanced DBS

Enhanced DBS checks are vital for staff working in education and healthcare to ensure safety of children, patients, and staff. Recent news stories have reconfirmed the need for extensive screening when dealing with vulnerable people.

Enhanced DBS checks reveals spent and unspent convictions, cautions, warnings, reprimands and any relevant police data.

Data released by showed that approximately 2% of the staff applying for a DBS check in 2015/2016 were found to have convictions which affect their ability to safely work around children.

As an umbrella body, Agenda can provide you with accurate, timely feedback as you onboard your team.

Agenda provides a comprehensive compliant check for your candidates as we understand that the safety and protection of students and patients is of paramount importance.

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