Financial Credit Checks

It makes sense to be aware of financial mismanagement by a potential employee. It’s absolutely essential if the role involves the handling of money, accounts or sensitive data. As one of the top financial background check companies in the business, we help ensure that you recruit trustworthy and financially stable individuals through this vital screening process.

We carry out a series of credit checks that enable employers to assess financial background and mitigate the risks posed to their business by candidates under financial stress.

Financial Screening: Credit Checks

Comprehensive, detailed and fast service

Reveal any court or insolvency data on a candidate’s credit report

Confirmation of County Court Judgements (CCJ’s) and voluntary arrangements

FCA employee screening through the Financial Services Register

Agenda are: CIFAS-Ready

Agenda are the first organisation in the UK to be CIFAS-Ready, a new service offered by CIFAS for National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) members:

"Cifas-Ready is a membership option specifically designed for vetting specialists to enable them to check Cifas fraud risk data on behalf of Cifas member organisations. Vetting specialists apply for membership and go through the initial set-up that prepares them for full membership. This means that if they take on a Cifas member organisation as a client, they are ‘ready to go’ and we can activate their full membership much more quickly to enable them to get to work."

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