Financial Services & Accountancy

Agenda’s finance packages enable your company to be fully compliant with the FCA requirements by determining if your candidate is fit and properly qualified for the role they are applying for.

Agenda’s finance packages are designed to assess your candidate’s suitability for the role analysing the honesty, integrity, reputation, competence, capability and financial soundness.

Recommended Checks: Include

Criminal Records


Financial Checks

Employment Verification

ID & Address

Education & Qualifications

CV Verification

Whether you need to meet your needs for internal governance, meet risk mitigation requirements or work within the senior manager regime, Agenda can provide a screening package for you.

Agenda are: CIFAS-Ready

Agenda are the first organisation in the UK to be CIFAS-Ready, a new service offered by CIFAS for National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) members:

"Cifas-Ready is a membership option specifically designed for vetting specialists to enable them to check Cifas fraud risk data on behalf of Cifas member organisations. Vetting specialists apply for membership and go through the initial set-up that prepares them for full membership. This means that if they take on a Cifas member organisation as a client, they are ‘ready to go’ and we can activate their full membership much more quickly to enable them to get to work."

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