Importance Of Governance Processes Highlighted In The NHS Screening Industry News

A review into the handling of a sexual abuse case has highlighted just how important it is to have proper safeguarding procedures in place and to prioritise the appropriate governance processes within the NHS – which may well spur you on to ensure you’re making good use of international background screening companies before you hire new staff members in the future.

Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW) was asked by the Welsh government to carry out an independent review of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board’s handling of allegations of sexual abuse made against a former employee by three people between 2011 and 2013.

The staff member, Kris Wade, was suspended from work in 2012 following the allegations but was still an employee of the health board four years later in 2016 when he was arrested and convicted of murdering neighbor Christine James.

“There are areas of learning within this review which are relevant to the NHS as a whole and we expect all health boards to consider our findings and recommendations. This case highlights the importance of safeguarding and governance processes which are essential in protecting adults at risk.

“The robustness of these processes is intrinsic to the confidence that patients and their families have in the safeguarding system as a whole,” chief executive of HIW Dr Kate Chamberlain said.

It’s never been more important for businesses, no matter what sector they’re in, to have an effective and robust pre-employment screening programme in place. This is also known as vetting or background checking and is typically carried out on new job applicants, but it is also a legal obligation for some positions, such as those working with children or vulnerable adults.