Lying your Way to the Top? Screening Industry News

How many people do you think tell ‘tall tales’ on their CV in order to give themselves a bump up the ladder? The answer is likely more than you think. A 2016 survey concluded that around 38% of British people have admitted to lying on their CV at some point in their life, and it isn’t just those who are at the bottom of a profession or struggling to find work, either!

For example, Jon Andrewes (63) – Chief Executive at St Margaret’s Hospice, Bishop’s Hull – recently pleaded guilty to having doctored his CV in 2004 in order to gain the top spot NHS Jobs. He went as far as to lie about his qualifications; claiming he had a PhD which allowed him to use the title Dr Andrewes.  He is currently on conditional bail until his next appearance at court, and has been ordered to surrender his passport and not to leave the Devon area.

Anyone can tell a lie. Employers should never judge any CV or job application by face value, and should never adhere to any caricatures or stereotypes of a ‘certain kind of person’ – people can most definitely surprise you!

How do you know who you are hiring are who they say they are? How do you know that they have that work experience or qualification? How do you know they have a clean criminal record or driving licence? It’s always best to think twice, double check and make the right choice first time.

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