NI Civil Service Introduces Additional Tests In Recruitment Process Screening Industry News

Allegations of widespread cheating in Northern Ireland’s civil service online tests as part of its recruitment process have led the organisation to introduce an additional step in the form of tests carried out in an assessment centre.

The Carrick Times reported that the issue came to light after a whistleblower revealed that cheating was “widespread” in the online tests, which are part of the selection process for positions with salaries of up to £40,000.

There are three online, strictly-timed psychometric tests to assess candidates’ competency in the areas of team building, staff motivation and financial decisions. Each person is given 40 minutes to answer 25 questions.

However, the whistleblower alleged that people are either getting others to apply for the position and print out the questions, giving them plenty of time to consider their answers, or are getting someone else to take the tests for them.

While the tests aren’t the only part of the recruitment process, a candidate’s performance in them determines whether they’re invited for an interview.

It’s obviously also important to carry out additional checks on prospective employees. Using background screening companies can help with this if you’re not sure where to start.

And it isn’t just the civil service that can benefit from tackling recruitment fraud. Earlier this year Crowe Research estimated that recruitment fraud is costing UK businesses £23.9 billion annually.

It has called for businesses to recognise the scale of the problem and acknowledge that it’s a threat to their firm. Carrying out appropriate checks during the recruitment process is crucial to prevent your organisation from suffering by making an unsuitable hire.