OSINT / Internet / Media Searches

Clients the world over rely on us for our diligence and expertise in screening potential employees’ online activity.

Using Open Source intelligence techniques (OSINT), we uncover the valuable information you need from your candidates online digital footprint, we analyse social media, news, blogs, and publications – without being intrusive. Our analytical methods are well established and have been developed through our vast experience in this specialist field of pre-employment screening.

OSINT: Includes

Gain a greater understanding of the qualities of a candidate

Positively confirm their good character

Uncover values and behaviour that may not be the best fit for your organisation

You can trust Agenda to carry out detailed, efficient, expert screening

Our methods of obtaining and analysing information respect privacy laws resulting in a service that is ethically sound while providing the information you need. Our advanced discovery techniques mean that we can uncover information that isn’t found in a standard search. Our OSINT social media checks are tailored to your needs. Careful consideration is given when analysing results to make sure we are mitigating risks to your organisation allowing you to make better hiring decisions. Along with our CV verification service, an expert open source intelligence check helps safeguard your reputation and brand.

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