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PreEmployment Screening

Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment screening, also known as vetting or background checking, is usually carried out on new job applicants. However, it is also a legal obligation for some roles such as those that involve working with children or vulnerable adults (Disclosure and Barring Service).

It has never been more important for employers to have in place an effective and robust pre-employment screening programme. Agenda provides a range of pre-employment services and support initiatives, designed to help our customers win the battle against the enemy within, before, rather than after they have been compromised.

The pre-employment screening team at Agenda will make the screening process as simple as 1,2,3, saving you HR time and money, allowing you to concentrate on other business priorities.

  • Added value to your existing HR processes
  • Bespoke screening packages available
  • Enhanced efficiency through our reporting and integration to your existing systems
  • Candidate care at the centre of everything we do
  • Average turnaround times of 5 days – the best in the industry

The importance of pre-employment screening: 

  • Pre-employment screening are an important part of the recruitment process as they help you to:
  • Comply with the law by ensuring the employee has permission to work in the UK and has not been barred from carrying out the job
  • Check potential employee’s suitability and whether they are qualified or skilled to do the job
  • Assess whether the potential employee is suitable for the job

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