Remote Working Still Causing Major Cybersecurity Issues Screening Industry News

The coronavirus has brought many challenges for employers, and for maintaining operations during the lockdown shifting to remote working has been one of the biggest issues, especially tacking the threats posed by cybersecurity.

According to a new report from cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes, 20 per cent of businesses have suffered a breach in their systems due to the actions of a remote worker since the lockdown measures were first introduced at the end of March 2020.

The consequence of which is that these businesses have faced higher costs, with a reported 24 per cent having unexpected expenses.

The report suggests that remote workers have caused more issues for businesses due to the, sometimes unavoidable, use of personal devices for work, among other factors. The report highlights that 61 per cent of businesses have not forced their employees to install adequate antivirus solutions on their home computers and devices.

Malwarebytes claims cybercriminals mostly target improperly secured corporate VPNs, cloud-based services and business email accounts.

Phishing emails are listed as a major tool for cybercriminals, often using the coronavirus pandemic as a hook to trap unwitting victims. Such emails often smuggle malware such as AveMaria and NetWiredRC on to targeted computers, granting cybercriminals remote desktop access, webcam control, and much more.

There has been a 1,219 per cent spike in incidences of AveMaria virus infections since the beginning of the pandemic, while NetWiredRC attacks increased by 99 per cent between January and June this year.

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