Do you need Right to Work checks?

As an employer in the UK, you have a responsibility to prevent illegal working through conducting necessary Right to Work checks. The Right to Work is directly linked to an individual’s immigration status and can be confirmed through the validation of documents such as Birth Certificates, Passports, Residency Permits and Working Visas.

Those without confirmed right to work cannot legally work in the UK, and anyone found to be employing them can face hefty penalties and damage to their reputation.

The best guidance on if you need to perform right to work checks on your employees comes from the government website and includes a check list and important information to make sure you stay compliant.

Sectors covered: with our checks


Care (including Medical and Hospital support staff)




Why: check right to work status?

Compliance with the law...

...You must check right to work status before you employ a person, to ensure they are legally allowed to do the work for you.


...that a candidate meets all the pre-conditions of their potential role and are who they say they are.

Be reassured...

... that you will avoid all fines associated with employing illegal workers.

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