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Consultancy Services

Whether you need a security audit, a review of security systems, an investigation into an issue or assistance in developing your ISO27001 processes, we can help. Our team of ex-police, ex-military, IT and industry professionals have provided consultancy services to a wide range of clients. These range from blue-chip company internal investigations to SME ISO27001 audit preparation, and from FTSE-250 company social engineering (security system testing) projects to Government department third party supplier auditing. Our professional, discreet and tailored services are designed specifically to meet your needs. For more information please contact us.

Training Services

We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of tried and tested courses to assist organisations in all aspects of security awareness.

Hire Me ... What could possibly go wrong? - 3 day Course

This programme provides attendees with professionally delivered modules to complement existing recruitment interviewing and security awareness skills. Three new one-day courses have been developed to reflect the nature of changing threats and other publicly available regulations, legal updates, case studies and guidance sources. Click here to find out more.

Hire Me! Assessing Hiring Risks & Refining the Selection Process

This one-day module is the first of the Hire Me Programme Courses. An interactive programme with opportunities to participate and discuss specific areas of interest, this course will enable participants to identify the risks to their organisation, people risks and individuals’ motivations for applying for a particular job. It will also help delegates to identify red flags in the hiring process and with identification of documents, pre-employment screening best practice and validation of genuine job candidates. Click here to find out more.


Hire Me! Interviewing Skills Advanced Techniques

This interactive one-day module is the second of the Hire Me Programme Courses and offers opportunities for case study and scenario role play. Using advanced techniques the course provides a tool box of tips and techniques to enhance the interview stage of the hiring process including aspects such as the PEACE technique, Neurolinguistic Programming and interviewing techniques. Click here to find out more.

Hire Me! Protecting Your Organisation & Managing the Insider Threat

The third of the Hire Me Programme Courses this one-day module reviews the social engineering tactics and opportunities to detect deception and considers the motivation of insiders and the threats they pose to the organisation. Delegates will leave with a raised overall security awareness. Click here to find out more.

More Information

For extensive resources and to view our menu of services please visit our Resource Library.

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