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Pre-employment screening

Screening services without frontiers

Pre-employment screening, also known as vetting or background checking, is usually carried out on new job applicants. However, it is also a legal obligation for some roles such as those that involve working with children or vulnerable adults (Disclosure and Barring Service).

Agenda’s screening services have no frontiers. Our reach is global, with access to in-country expertise and global pre-employment solutions that both fit culturally and are legally compliant. We have a range of in-house language skills within our UK offices. Where more detailed in-country knowledge is needed, we are able to call on the expertise of our trusted and fully audited screening partners, located in the United States, Poland, France, Singapore and Australia. 

Added Value
  • Reduce staff turnover and employment costs
  • Reduction of petty theft and fraud
  • Reduce infiltration risks (terrorists/activists)
  • Strict screening processes will put off undesirable applicants
  • Allows you to manage specific risks

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Bespoke Screening

You can select from an extensive menu of screening options to suit your specific needs.  If you are unsure, we can provide free advice on what screening level would be appropriate.  We will help you to design screening processes and policies that are fit for purpose.  For example, for clients concerned about extremist groups, we have developed our Affiliations Check.  This provides a full internet mining search (over a billion web pages).

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Efficiency, Reporting and Integration

The system can communicate with and update your own systems in real-time. With customised reporting options built in, all key screening and DBS milestones can be monitored and reported, allowing you to make hiring decisions with confidence.

Agenda operates a fully validated, audit trailed, quality controlled and Data Protection Act compliant system with client and candidate usability built in. Simple ordering systems, easy and secure data entry and comprehensive management reporting make it one of the most efficient screening systems in the industry.

It integrates fully with client systems, can be branded and provides a seamless candidate on-boarding experience. It supports the delivery of a bespoke, personal and efficient service enabling your dedicated Agenda team to provide outstanding turnaround times without compromising quality or security. In addition, our 24/7 screening tracking service is available to all our clients.

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Care for the Environment

Processes, equipment and waste is managed under ISO14001 environmental management standard certification.  Paperless systems and green office efficiency are at the heart of our environmentally friendly processes.

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Resilient and Reliable

Business continuity and resilience is critical for modern organisations. With sophisticated offsite back-up, dual broadband, dual telephone systems, multi-server virtualisation IT systems and back-up electrical systems, Agenda has it covered.

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Protecting your Organisation

A robust screening process delivers many tangible benefits, below are some of the ways we have helped our clients: 

Avoid fines e.g. for employing illegal workers

Demonstrate your duty of care to current staff

Comply with legislation e.g. DBS and Government Baseline Personnel Screening Standard and BS7858

Safeguard organisational image and brand

Protect data, intellectual property and information

Demonstrate to clients and suppliers your commitment to protecting their information

Protect stakeholders’ interests

Hire better quality personnel

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We Care About Your Candidates

Agenda understands that candidates undergoing a pre-employment screening for the first time may be concerned or worried about submitting their personal information. Our processes are designed to make the candidate feel comfortable and confident in our ability to carry out the screening professionally, and to take good care of their personal information. Candidates have access to our dedicated team who can provide advice and reassurance.

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Turnaround Time is Critical

Agenda has the capacity to meet all of your screening needs. Some of the checks can be completed within one working day if a fast response is needed, and our average turnaround time is five working days – the best in the industry, with no compromise in service quality.

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More Information

For extensive resources and to view our menu of services please visit our Resource Library.

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