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Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)

The BPSS check is the default employee screening standard used for anyone working within or on behalf of a government department and is basic entry-level standard that organisations in several sectors, including communications, energy and finance are expected to meet.  It’s a requirement for civil servants, the armed forces and government contractors. It’s also required before applying for NSV security clearance.

Agenda Screening Services are proud to be named in the UK Government’s Baseline Personnel Security Standard which offers guidance on pre-employment screening of Civil Servants, members of the Armed Forces and Government contractors.

The BPSS is being used as a screening template by many organisations including Government departments, suppliers and agencies. BPSS compliant screening consists of four main components, creating the RICE acronym. Agenda build most screening levels with RICE forming the basis, ensuring clients are compliant with the governments Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS).:

R = Right to Work and Immigration Status Check

I = Identification Check

C = Criminal Record Check

E = Employment Check (3 Years)

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