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Financial Screening

Agenda is a market leader in the provision of financial service background screening. Agenda is the longest established British owned pre-employment screening company.

Agenda recognises that protecting the reputation of financial institutions in addition to maintaining customer confidence is imperative to success.

Our team can assist you in developing programmes to meet:-

  • The senior management regime
  • Certification regime
  • Conduct roles

What type of checks do we offer?

  • Identity Check
  • Right to Work Check
  • Employment history and conduct
  • Credit, electoral role and address history
  • Directorships dissolved, previous and current
  • FCA register and Professional memberships/ Educationand qualifications


  • Reduce staff turnover and employment costs
  • Avoid fines e.g for employing illegal workers
  • Demonstrate your duty of care to current staff
  • Reduction of theft and fraud
  • Safeguard organisational image and brand
  • Hire better quality personnel
  • Allows you to manage specific risks

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