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Social Media/OSINT

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

Open Source intelligence (OSINT) is used to conduct employee checks and monitor their activity and online presence. All of Agenda’s OSINT results are obtained using methods that are not intrusive and all data reviewed is within the public domain. Our OSINT checks are tailored to your needs, with careful consideration being taken when analysing results to make sure we are mitigating what you would class as a risk to your organisation.

Searching a candidate’s online activity, including social media, images and publications, is becoming an increasingly important element of establishing the true values and background of a candidate. Together with their CV, an open source intelligence check, can positively confirm their good character, like highlighting charitable activity, team working and good communication skills. It may also highlight certain values and behaviour that may not be the best fit with your organisations values and work ethic.

OSINT checks enable you to make the best hiring decisions and therefore hire better quality personnel, and as a result, safeguarding your organisational image and brand.

Agenda Screening Services are specialists in pre-employment screening using all available sources and all employers can benefit from background checks within their recruitment process, not only to help them decide if they would be a good fit for the company, but helping to minimise any risk of fraud, loss or damaged reputation.

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