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Public Sector Screening

Agenda is an umbrella body for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and is named in the Government Baseline Personnel Screening Standard (BPSS)

Agenda will work closely with educational institutions, screening those that work with children and vulnerable adults. Agenda has a vast amount of experience in the provision of checks for Care, Training and Education establishments to provide a safe working environment for both students and staff.

The DBS is widely used for positions which involve interaction with children or vulnerable adults, including history background checks made on the thousands of volunteers who operate in this area. Qualifications and identity are also widely checked within this sector.

What type of checks do we offer?

  • Identity Check
  • Right to Work Check
  • Employment history and conduct,
  • Credit, electoral role and address history,
  • Professional memberships/ Education and qualifications


  • Reduce staff turnover and employment costs
  • Avoid fines e.g for employing illegal workers
  • Demonstrate your duty of care to current staff
  • Reduction of theft and fraud
  • Fast e-system that saves time

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