The best way of learning about anything is by doing – Richard Branson Company News

Richard Branson once said, “the best way of learning about anything is by doing”.

You can hear all about the benefits of pre-employment screening from others, but how do you know it will really benefit your business and recruitment process if you never take the steps to try it out?

To learn more about the screening processes Agenda can offer you today, you can check out our website and Menu of Services, but just in case you’re still unsure we’ve detailed some the benefits of screening prospective employees below:

Legal Reasons: Certain roles require certain background checks. For example, those working in situations where they could be left unattended with vulnerable adults and/or children require DBS checks.   There are also hefty fines for those businesses caught to be employing illegal workers, so Right to Work background checks can help you avoid this.

Cost effective: Background checks can help you ensure that you’re hiring the right people straight away. Do your candidates meet with your company values? Do they have good references? Ironing out these types of questions before making a recruitment decision can lower your staff turnover.

Know your hires: As with above, you can avoid those bad hires before they happen if you screen effectively. Background screening can make sure your job applicants are who they say they are. Agenda offers a range of checks; from qualification checks, Internet Mining, and ID checks, to Finance Checks and References to make sure you’re not hiring a dishonest person into your company. These checks can also drastically help reduce levels of fraud and staff conflict.

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