The risk of employing illegal workers Screening Industry News

A week doesn’t seem to go past without a report of illegal workers being found working in UK businesses which is a worrying statement.

More commonly found in construction and retail environments, illegal workers are employed probably due to lower labour costs however the fines attached to employing workers without the right to work in the UK can be very costly to UK businesses.

Yesterday, the Scotsman reported on 7 illegal workers being arrested for working on the Queensferry Crossing. Find out more here: These workers were not employed directly by the Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC) but through a second-tier subcontractor.

With fines of £5,000 for each illegal employee employed and possibly imprisonment, why would you risk not conducting the right checks on your potential employees. Agenda Screening Services are specialists in background checks, DBS Checks (Criminal Record Checks) and right to work checks, and advise businesses to protect their reputation and to avoid the financial consequences. 

By adopting a thorough background check procedure on prospective employees will save businesses HR time and money, give you peace of mind with fully audited and compliant processes and reduce the risks and create a safer and more productive working environment.

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