What do Gen Z want from their employer?

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Caroline Nevitte from People Management has suggested they’re looking mainly for positive working environments, but also expect a few other things…

Generation Z (those born between 1997 and early 2010’s) are now graduating from university and making their move into a working world that is starting to place more emphasis on the employee experience. A recent article from People Magazine has stated that the following topics are of particular interest to the ‘newbie’ in the workplace:

  • Managers need to engage with them face-to-face
  • They want a challenging and varied employee experience but are willing to work hard to get it!
  • They want a racially diverse workplace
  • They are self-sufficient and independent, and therefore want to feel empowered in their roles
  • Career growth is a necessity, alongside learning and development
  • Wellbeing has to be a top priority
  • They’re interested in their jobs being ‘future-proof’ and value stability and predictability.

If you’d like to read more about how the workplace is changing, and what you can do to align your business values with those that are now expected, click through to People Management here.

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