What do we do with your data?

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Increasing reports throughout the last ten years have shown a dramatic rise in the ‘insider threat’ – that is the damage that a bad hire can do to a business. This is due to the misrepresentations that can be made on CVs. These can be anything from minor embellishments to downright lies which can cause damage to a business’ reputation which can take years to repair.

What do we do with your data?

Due to the problems that can occur from hiring the wrong person, more businesses are conducting pre-employment screening checks on their candidates for jobs, these checks allow them to assess the legitimacy of a candidate before progressing with them to interview level.

A background check is more than just a look at a candidate’s criminal history check, the checks we do look at a candidate’s complete history of jobs, education, as well as professional and personal references in order to get a full outline of a person’s

For candidates this process can be quite a daunting one but we’d like to make sure that any candidates that we are screening have as smooth a process as possible from the start of the screening to them being offered the job with either our company, or any external companies that we are conducting checks for.

Below we have included seven frequently asked questions regarding how we handle the screening process in order to ease your mind if you are being screened by us. These should answer any questions and worries that you have.

1. When the client makes the screening request, who has access to the information they provide?
Information is sent through a secure (https) link to our secure servers. Access to this data is restricted.

2. How long is the data held in your servers after the screening request has been made?
It is held until you submit your application or a maximum of one calendar month. Once you have submitted your information, this data is held for 12 months.

3. As a candidate, if I save the data during the online application processes will the client have access to it?
No, it is held purely for your use until you have completed the online application.

4. If I change my mind about providing consent after I have started the on line process do I have the chance to decline?
Yes, you can either just logout at the end or at the end you can end the process and your submission will be cancelled.

5. Can I logon again after I have submitted my data?
No, once you have submitted your data the one-way link is then broken and no further access is allowed to your screening form.

6. What happens to my data once I have completed the online process?
The data is transferred directly to our secure network for the screening process to commence. The reason for this transfer is to prevent any possible hostile attack.

7. Why do you ask for so much information?
Each client has specific screening requirements. Agenda will only ask you to provide information necessary and relevant to conduct the checks of your specific screening level.

If you have any questions or need any advice whilst conducting your screening application, then our team is contactable between the hours of 8 and 5:30 for any questions or help that you may need. Please call us on 08456 445546 or you can e-mail us at screening@agenda-screening.co.uk