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We provide fast and effective global screening services

With industry leading turnaround times and personal account managers we aim to make the process as simple as possible for you by becoming an extension of your selection team. But, don’t just take our word for it, our customers are our most passionate advocates. Just ask and we’ll be delighted to provide extensive references from our current client base. See more here

The need for screening

Detection of thieves, fraudsters, illegal workers, terrorists and other individuals that do not have your best interest at heart is a major concern these days. The increasing number of cases of employees, some in senior or highly sensitive posts, who have been found to be fraudulent, in many cases, months or even years after they had been employed, has been widely reported.

The implications for employing organisations have at best been ‘a serious inconvenience’ and, at worst, 'extremely damaging' to their reputations, image and financial standing. Misquoted qualifications, for example, have resulted in huge drops in share prices overnight, major fines and criminal proceedings. But this is not an uncommon phenomenon. A number of research projects reveal that anything between 30% and 60% of workers have been untruthful when applying for jobs.

The financial consequences are potentially serious. There are large fines for employing illegal workers even if hired through an agency. And that’s not all. Figures show that security breaches including forgery, fraud and data theft by staff costs businesses several billion pounds a year. 

The facts don’t lie. It has never been more important to have in place an effective and robust pre-employment screening programme. Agenda provides a range of pre-employment services and support initiatives, designed to help employers win the battle against the enemy within, before, rather than after, their businesses have been compromised.

The benefits of working with Agenda

Save Time: Our turnaround times are industry leading.  Our processes save busy HR staff 20/30 minutes per candidate.

Save Money: We will free up your time to carry out other high priority tasks.  It is more cost effective to partner with Agenda than to employ an in-house team.

Peace of Mind: All checks are conducted diligently by Agenda, with 24/7 monitoring using fully audited, date/time/operator stamped processes.

Reduce Risks: We protect you against those who do not have your interests at heart, creating a safer and more productive working environment.

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