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Agenda Screening ServicesTM  is the market leader in pre-employment and background screening. From the company’s inception in 1996 we have enjoyed continued growth and service a large and expanding client-base throughout the UK and Europe. We are proud to be named in the UK Government’s Baseline Personnel Security Standard which offers guidance on pre-employment screening of Civil Servants, members of the Armed Forces and Government contractors.

We take our responsibility for information security very seriously. Our facilities are ‘Secured by Design’ and our staff are fully screened and trained in the handling of personal information and our externally audited ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard certification.

Agenda was one of the first 100 companies to achieve the ISO27001 standard. This means you can be sure that key considerations such as the secure destruction of confidential materials, business continuity management and cyber essentials requirements are built-in to all our processes.

Our services have been specifically designed to be flexible and can be readily customised to meet your specific needs including:

Pre-employment Screening:

Pre-employment screening, also known as vetting or background checking, is usually carried out on new job applicants. However, it is also a legal obligation for some roles such as those that involve working with children or vulnerable adults (Disclosure and Barring Service Click here to find out more

Criminal Record Checks (DBS and Disclosure Scotland)

Agenda Screening ServicesTM  is an Umbrella Body for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). We provide DBS criminal checks electronically through our secure candidate input system, resulting in faster, greener and easier checks. Click here to find out more

Consultancy and Training

Whether you need a security audit, a review of security systems, an investigation into an issue or assistance in developing your ISO27001 processes, we can help. Our team of ex-police, ex-military, IT and industry professionals have provided consultancy services to a wide range of clients. In addition, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of tried and tested courses to assist organisations in all aspects of security awareness. Click here to find out more

More Information

For extensive resources and to view our menu of services please visit our Resource Library.

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